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Agia Galini is built on a hill above the old harbor with unlimited view towards the sea. The locals are very welcoming and willing to show you around. Here you will find a holiday destination with a peaceful atmosphere and the perfect base to explore South of Crete.

center local shops

Center & Local Shops

In the small center of Agia Galini you can find nice local shops with traditional products such as honey, spices, olive wood craft and also beautiful souvenirs of the area. Have a walk in the roads of the center, meet the people there and explore the locals’ life.

organized beach

Organized Beach

The beach of Agia Galini has been awarded a blue flag and it is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and plenty of good taverns. The Libyan sea in this part of the island is always peaceful and not very crowded. It is the right choice to spend a relaxing sunny day at the beach.



The charming port of Agia Galini, right in front of the village, provides a safe heaven for boats and constitutes a nice spot to explore. There you can have a nice walk and admire the view of the village especially at night. Early in the morning you can visit the fishermen for fresh fish.

open air theater

Open-air Theater

In summer time, Agia Galini’s theater team often performs plays at this ancient open-air theater. Also, there are the statues of Dedalus and Ikarus from the Greek mythology. The sea view from the theater is astounding and it is worth a visit.                                            

taverns bars

Taverns & Bars

Agia Galini has a variety of good taverns where you can taste generous portions of fresh fish, traditional recipes and the local drink raki. Later on, you can discover various types of nice bars for having a drink. Be sure that you will feel like home and you will enjoy the hospitality.



On the eastern side of the bay there are interesting marine caves which you can visit by boat. The beauty of the landscape in this part of Agia Galini is unique and worth exploring.                                                                                                                                    



In Agia Galini you can find one of the longest rivers of Crete, Platys River or Amarianos. There is an imposing green bridge that unites the two sides of Agia Galini beach. It is very delightful to have a walk there and admire the surrounding nature in combination with the sea.



In March and April, Agia Galini’s hills are covered with various unique species of orchids. Every year, more and more guests are travelling to the area to discover and take pictures of these beautiful flowers. There is a specific guide that explains everything you may need to know about Agia Galini’s orchids.



Hiking is the perfect way to discover Agia Galini and nearby areas on foot. In 5-10Km distance you can explore Kokkinos Pirgos, Agios Georgios and Melampes. For more details, there is a guide available at the reception with the best trails around the area.



Crete is a great destination for anyone interested in cycling. Discover all the routes with Agia Galini as a starting point and explore many different and beautiful landscapes. Also, there are cycling weeks and tours for professional preparation.



A nice way to relax on is by doing yoga in one of the most peaceful places. You have the opportunity to join a class or to practice it by yourself. Some ideal spots are at the open air theater with the panoramic view or on the beach with the sunrise.

scuba diving

Scuba Diving

You can explore the ocean’s reef in a team scuba diving activity. The experts will guide you and give you some useful advice about the procedure. Discover new emotions under the sea and live the magic of a totally different world.



If you enjoy snorkeling you can find nice spots near the port and the caves of Agia Galini. Also, you can visit Agios Pavlos, Skinaria and Kalypso to discover the amazing seabed with corals and many different species of fish.

mini golf

Mini Golf

In Agia Galini there is a mini golf course which is located right next to the beach. It’s an alternative activity to improve your skills and have fun with your friends or your family. Also, you can relax and enjoy the sea view from there.

boat trip

Boat Trip

Live a unique experience on a boat trip to the small island Paximadia. Enjoy the organized barbeque and have the chance to explore the beautiful landscape of this charming place. Also, the beach there is ideal for snorkeling.

fishing trip

Fishing Trip

This trip combines an excursion to Prassonisi beach with a fishing experience in the middle of the sea. Enjoy the wild beauty of this isolated beach and of course the barbeque with fresh fish and homemade local spirits.



Daily excursions to nearby places like Preveli beach, Kourtaliotis gorge and Matala are organized every week starting from Agia Galini. Participate in a team excursion and explore these places from a totally different aspect.

cretan winery

Cretan Winery

In a Cretan winery you have the chance to taste a variety of fine local wines accompanied with traditional snacks. There you can take a tour and watch the whole wine production from the grapes and the barrels to the glass.

cretan olive mill

Cretan Olive Mill

The Cretan olive mills respect the traditional way of olive oil production aiming at the best quality. Through a very interesting tour you can learn about this special production and of course to have a taste of an authentic olive oil.


Preveli & Kourtaliotis Gorge

West of Agia Galini you will find Preveli beach, an exotic place with a natural palm forest and wild beauty. There is a pathway with steps and it takes about 15 minutes to reach the beach, but the beautiful view pays off. For the more adventurous there is access to Preveli through Kourtaliotis Gorge that leads directly there. Furthermore, you have the chance to visit the museum and the Historical Monastery of Preveli.

Get Directions (38Km)

Agios Pavlos & Triopetra

It takes 30min drive heading west to reach Agios Pavlos, an organized sandy beach with crystal clear water suitable for snorkeling. In walking distance you will find a sandy hill that drives you to Ammolofoi, an isolated, beautiful beach. Next to Agios Pavlos is Triopetra, a long sandy beach, named after the three rocks that separate the small beach from the big one. At both of these places you can enjoy a very unique sunset.

Get Directions - Agios Pavlos (23Km)
Get Directions - Triopetra (29Km)
agios georgios

Agios Georgios

Right next to Agia Galini, there is Agios Georgios, a pebbly not crowded beach with calm clear water. There you will find a nice beach bar to have a drink and relax. For those who enjoy hiking, there is a walking path available that takes around 1- 1.30 hour. Also, you have the choice to approach the beach by boat that starts from the port of Agia Galini.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Get Directions (6Km)
kokkinos pirgos

Kokkinos Pirgos

Near Agia Galini, you will find Kokkinos Pirgos, a small seaside village with a sandy/ pebbly beach and a port in the middle. This long beach hosts sea turtles Carretta- Carretta that lay their eggs during summer. There is a sidewalk along the coast with cafes and restaurants ideal for having a relaxing stroll. Also, you can reach the beach through a seaside path from Agia Galini that takes 1-1.30 hour.                                                                                    

Get Directions (11Km)

Kommos & Kalamaki

In 35 minutes by car to the east, you will approach Kommos, a long sandy beach with a unique beautiful sunset. It was once the port of Phaestοs and nowadays you can still see the ruins on the beach. The place is a protected archaeological area and for this reason, building is restricted there. Next to Kommos, there is a seaside village, Kalamaki, with a sandy organized beach where you will find restaurants and cafés.

Get Directions (25Km)

Matala & Red beach

Matala is located 27Km east of Agia Galini and it is a well-organized place with a sandy beach and clear water. The most famous feature of the area are the Caves where many hippies used to stay during 60’s and 70’s. Every June, the Matala festival takes place and attracts thousands of visitors. Also, behind the hill, you will find Red beach, a beautiful isolated place, with red sand and crystal clear water.                                                                                                         

Get Directions (27Km)

Kamilari & Pitsidia

In 20Km distance you can visit Kamilari, a small traditional Cretan village with stone houses and many gardens with colorful flowers. You can go for a walk on the narrow paths or sit in the main square with the locals. Next to Kamilari you will find Pitsidia, another small village with local restaurants and Cretan kafeneia. You can combine your visit to these villages with Phaistos Palace or Kommos and Matala beach.

Get Directions - Kamilari (20Km)
Get Directions - Pitsidia (23Km)

Phaistos & Gortyna

Very close to Agia Galini there is the Minoan palace of Phaistos, the second largest palace of Crete after Knossos. It is one of the most important archeological sites in Crete with thousands of visitors annually. Nowadays you can admire the ruins of the palace and the beautiful panoramic view. Also, you can combine a visit to the archeological site of Gortyna with an unbroken history of 6.000 years, which is 17 minute drive from Phaistos.

Get Directions - Phaistos (19Km)
Get Directions - Gortyna (31Km)

Zaros Lake & Rouvas Forest

Zaros Lake is a beautiful place located 50 minutes by car from Agia Galini. Around the lake there are several restaurants and cafes, where the visitors can relax enjoying the nature. It’s the starting point of the path that leads through a gorge to the majestic Rouvas forest, 5 Km northern and around 2.30 hours trekking. Also, at Zaros village you can find the famous Antonis Stefanakis who makes handmade musical instruments.                                                                                                         

Get Directions (38Km)


Halfway to Rethymno city, 30 minutes from Agia Galini, you will reach the traditional village Spili. It is a beautiful, small place with local shops, nice, traditional taverns and a series of 25 lion fountains in the central square. Also, there you can visit the botanic garden, a peaceful and magical area, filled with over 300 species of aromatic and medicinal herbs.                                                                                                         

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Add a relaxing moment to your holiday by enjoying a nice massage at the center of Agia Galini. Special treatments such as aloe vera, aromatherapy, traditional Thai and Swedish massage are offered. It’s time to take a break and spoil yourself.